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Cognitive Development and Rehabilitation

Pioneering enrichment programs for the mind

A healthy, active mind promotes a more fulfilling life


  From out of the dark 
and into the light

The Center for Applied Social Neuroscience (CASN) is a laboratory for research and development in mental health and education in pursuit of the goals of the new field of Applied Social Neuroscience (ASN). Applied Social Neuroscience (ASN) is a specialized outgrowth of social neuroscience distinguished by its exclusive concern with developing noninvasive, nonpharmacological programs both for intervention in cognitive and behavioral disorder and for optimization of learning outcomes in children and adults.


CASN invites highly dedicated, passionate researchers and practitioners in the fields of mental health and education from all over the world for collaboration on projects in the collective goal of working together to make the lives of children and adults more self-connected, socially integrated and self-fulfilling, and to foster the social environments that will help our world become a better place to live in. To guide us in this pursuit are our stellar core of directors. To see who they are, click on MORE below.



CASN's approach to addressing both learning in and out of the classroom and cognitive and behavioral disorder stems from its research in cognitive rehabilitation and the mechanisms in the brain through which learning occurs. This research has led to the development of the modality of Cognitive Neuroeducation (CNE) and to the focus on avenues by which CNE may be implemented in both the arenas of education and mental health.

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