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CASN NeuroNotes

(ISSN 2758-1772)

Journal of the Center for Applied Social Neuroscience (CASN)

Focusing on cognitive development and rehabilitation and the

promotion and maintenance of personal well-being through the

principles of Applied Social Neuroscience (ASN)

Published Issues

December 22, 2022

Volume 412

The Enriched Environment in a Person-Centered Approach to the Promotion and

Maintenance of Well-Being: A Salutogenic Model


April 15, 2022

Volume 411

Proposal for Pilot Community Well-Being Center with Embedded e-AHA System for Comprehensive, Highly Integrated Elder Well-Being and Dementia Management: Final


April 1, 2022

Volume 401

Cognitive Neuroeducation (CNE) vs. Educational Neuroscience

March 12, 2021

Volume 282

Language, Cognition, the Enriched Environment and Dementia:

A New Role for Teaching English as a Second Language

March 9, 2021

Volume 304

The CNE Booklet: Cognitive Neuroeducation (CNE) -- Origins and Features (Revised)

March 7, 2021

Volume 301

Brain Lesion and fMRI Studies and the Myth of Cognitive Function Localization (Revised)

March 6, 2021

Volume 302

CNE and Person-Centered Care vs. the Distorted Medical Model (Revised)

February 28, 2020

Volume 202

A Brief Introduction to Cognitive Neuroeducation (CNE): A Breakthrough Neuroscience-Informed Modality Based on a New Understanding of and Approach to the Prevention of and Recovery from Mental Disorder

April 8, 2018

Volume 103-Rev.

Understanding 'Mental Illness' (Revised)

February 14, 2018

Volume 105

A Brief Introduction to Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET): Revision 

Note to authors:

Submissions pertaining to Applied Social Neuroscience (ASN) and/or any one or more of its basic principles, such as neurosalutogenesis, the enriched environment, the person-centered approach to well-being, Cognitive Neuroeducation (CNE), the uniquely human social brain and mind, the brain-mind-behavior interface, fixed action patterns, pseudo-fixed action patterns, cognitive constructs, cognitive schema, etc., will be considered for publication by a peer-review process. For full submission instructions, please email us at the address below.

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