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  • Dr. Spencer M. Robinson

The paradoxes of life

The paradoxes of life experienced in a dance -- the power of the evocation of art. The rhythms, excitement and color of the music and dance reflecting the Latinesque elements of the culture of Haiti and the horror of the vampire-like blood-sucking zombies of voodoo mingle side-by-side in a sensual, hypnotic blend of grotesque humor and caprice in this Danse Macabre though which the humor, gaiety, violence and tragedy that is the eternal human condition inundate, disturb and thrill our senses.

In our daily life our personal relationships, our work, hopes, dreams, the very ideas that we form of the world we live in, are drawn from a reflection, a presumed reality of our experiences, and are simultaneously smashed in harsh, brutal refutation and denial by another side or clearer view of that same reality. All life in human society is a juggling of paradoxes. To maintain a workable perspective in navigating the vicissitudes of life we must clearly recognize the paradoxes that constantly confront us and learn how to maintain a delicate, precarious balance in walking the thin line between all the conflicting experiences that envelope us in the unfolding of our collisions with the disjunctions of reality. Music, the arts and literature provide an illuminating window into a deep, introspective understanding of the juxtaposition, management and acceptance of the paradoxes and conflicts of our lives, and, ultimately, the discovery of the beauty of life that lies within.

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