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Our Public Prospectus

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

This novel prospectus introduces the work of the Center for Applied Social Neuroscience (CASN), a research laboratory singularly devoted to the research and development of proven seminal methodologies and techniques that fortify the brain and mind in the fostering and maintenance of general health and well-being through a person-centered framework in a uniquely formulated enriched environment comprising a naturally enculturated group dynamic promoting self-actualization and a rich, full life as a positive outcome of enhanced cognitive engagement. This prospectus concisely describes the objectives and outcomes of the work of CASN as embodied within the innovative field of Applied Social Neuroscience (ASN) and the breakthrough modalities of Cognitive Neuroeducation (CNE) and the Salutogenic Well-Being Program (SWBP).

Access the full prospectus here

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