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The Enriched Environment in a Person-Centered Approach to Well-Being: A Salutogenic Model

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

The enriched environment is a specifically designed person-centered program of learning experiences consisting of a prevailing ambiance of respect and concern for the individual, the sanctity of selfhood and the recognition of the essential role of social integration in the well-being of the individual. This equal focus on both respect of the individual and on social interaction forms an encompassing milieu that facilitates the engagement of life through programs and activities providing challenge and growth to the fullest of each individual’s capacity and excites the individual’s interests to promote 1) a sense of accomplishment; 2) bonding with others, 3) joy of the moment; and 4) a keen anticipation of the discoveries, camaraderie and achievements tomorrow may bring. This paper briefly introduces a) the enriched-environment paradigm in a person-centered approach to well-being; b) the principles upon which the enriched-environment paradigm and person-centered approach are based; and c) the rigorously vetted evidence constituting the scientific foundation of these principles, comprising a model of salutogenesis and an outline of an innovative salutogenic well-being program.

Read the full paper here.

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