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  • Dr. Spencer M. Robinson

Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET)

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

In understanding the basis of Cognitive Neuroeducation (CNE), a new paradigm in the goal of full recovery from cognitive and behavioral disorder, a review of its antecedents is important. CNE evolved from the revolutionary breakthrough modality of Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET), which, at the time of its development, presented a whole new approach to intervention in cognitive and behavioral dysfunction. CNE has evolved considerably from CET, incorporating newer understandings of behavioral outcomes from the synthesis of the leading research in neuroscience, psychology, human evolution and the social sciences, emerging as a second-generation modality building from the seminal foundations laid by CET. This paper describes those foundations by introducing CET through a summary of its origins, principles, curriculum and legacy of demonstrated efficacy. The full paper may be accessed here.

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